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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

OM Mantra Vibration Meditation
The energy vibration produced by the sound of OM chanting is said to correspond with the original vibration that arose at the beginning of creation.

This auspicious mantra has been used for deep meditation and energy alignment for literally thousands of years.

Use this deeply healing vibration to restore, align and improve your own energetic frequency.
Value = $47

From : World Of Alternatives

Third Eye Chakra Activation
Get the amazing new Third Eye Chakra Activation Program

This Chakra will increase your intuitive and perceptive ability with regular use. It will allow you to perceive things before others and create an advantage. It will increase your ability to use your will to influence an outcome. It can help develop extra sensory perception.
Value = $47

From : Lazy Life Hacker

Get 2 Downloads Tailored Just For You!
Discover The Power Of Backward Command Subliminals

Choose the gift that suits you best!

Just For Men... Get better satisfaction plus make women want you.

Just For Women...Build intimacy confidence plus get a relationship with your soulmate.

You'll have immediate access to these free downloads.
Value = $47

From : Alan Densky

‘Peaceful Sleep!’ Hypnosis Mp3 & ‘A Glorious Night’s Sleep’ Threshold Subliminal Mp3
These Two Programs Will Make You Eliminate Stress and End Sleepless Nights!

• Does it take a long time for you to fall asleep?
• Do you awaken and find it hard to fall back to sleep?
• Has the lack of sleep affected your productivity?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are suffering from a sleep disturbance commonly known as insomnia.

Are you ready to restore normal restorative sleep patterns so that you wake up refreshed and well rested?

You Will Get The Sleep You Need, Because These Programs Have Proven Successful For Thousands of Previous Insomniacs!
Value = $29

From : Perfect Path

Yin Yang Guided Meditation!
This guided meditation will help you to combine yin and yang energy
within yourself and:

Tap into vitality.
Tap into healing.
Tap into peace of mind.

Give yourself some rest, relaxation and much needed inner peace today!

* Be warned - this meditation will put you to sleep so don't use it unless you want to be completely relaxed :-)
Value = $57

From : Michele H Clarke

Stress Be Gone With Alpha Meditation Audio Course
Go Deeper Faster with Alpha Meditation Free Audio Lesson MP3 - Alpha Meditation

Use Alpha Meditation to bring calm clarity and joy into your life.

Maybe like most of us, you need to enjoy a more restful sleep and lessen the stress and anxiety.

Alpha Mediation is a pleasant experience, you should know that you can come back here and enjoy this calm anytime you like, simply by deciding to shift your attention to your inner world, allowing your breathing to get deep and comfortable.

Alpha Meditations – what’s in it for me?

1. Alpha Meditation Alpha Imaging – audio to relax, restore and reprogram for good

2. Kickass 5 Day life reset challenge – press reset and get your life on the right track
Value = $77

From : Zack Anderson

Power of Prayer
Praying truly is an activity for the mind, body and soul.

However, not everyone can get to that state in their prayers.

That is why the “Power of Prayer” was created.

This book will guide you step-by-step towards building a relationship with God by developing the right prayer mentality.

Step-By-Step Prayer will assist you to find your motivation, own it, and focus on it and in doing so drop all insecurities preventing you from accomplishing your goals.

The Ebook shares :
• Build A Relationship With God
• Developing The Right Prayer
• When, Where, How to Pray
• Real-Life Stories Of Answered Pray
Value = $49

From : Jack Caggz

12 Ways To Self Image Transformation
How Self Image Transformation Can Help You To Be A Better "You"!

If you are like most people reading this message, you are serious about wanting to be the best person you can be.

But you are not where you want to be … yet. I know how you feel because I have felt the same way too.

What I found was that becoming that person you can be was actually much simpler than I thought it would be …

Once I discovered the key.

This key - this one thing - empowered me to actually accomplish what no amount of struggle was able to achieve.

Like I said … it was actually simple!

Now I’d like to share my discovery with you!

Don’t wait a moment longer.

Today is your day and Now is your time!
Value = $50

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